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Skilled And Qualified Electricians And Property Professionals To Meet Your Ecir Requirements

09.03.2021 · Posted in Business : Services


VCO Electrical Services Ltd
72 Dulverton Rd
London, SE9 3RL
United Kingdom

Get Your Electrical Installations Done At Reasonable Prices

Leydon Cl, Surrey Quays, London, 1 September 2021, they started their company to provide competent electricians who are qualified and know what they are doing. They provide ECIR certificates to people and are registered in UK’s competent person’s schemes like NICEIC and NAPIT. Electricians carrying out their work are inspected every year under these schemes. They ensure that the electricians are maintaining a high standard while doing their job.

Their mission is to provide certified electricians who offer the most benefits to their customers; they believe in providing the best services.

VCO Electrical Services Ltd believes in providing the best services to their clients and ensuring their complete safety; the best thing is the remedial works completed by their electricians come with a twelve-month warranty.

If you are looking for quick and adequate electrical service for your professional or private premises, this company is for you. Their services are professional, excellent communication and provide complete satisfaction. The team has full knowledge and expertise to do their work. They make the process of booking EICR easy and quick.

VCO Electrical Services Ltd contacts you after you book their services and arrange a time and date for your inspection to be carried out. They are proud of having an average turn-around time between ordering an EICR certificate issued in three business days. VCO Electrical Services Ltd puts customer service at their heart and then does their business. welcomes you to be part of their family.


VCO Electrical Services Ltd’s mission is to provide ECIR certificates to people, for more information visit and please contact them at for all you questions in regards to it.

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