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Collection 4 Clothes – Recycling Clothes With A Passion For Environment

12.06.2021 · Posted in Home And Garden

Collection 4 Clothes is one of the best charity organizations which is known for its ethical recycling business. The organization believes in giving back to the society and environment. So far, they have helped many organizations to raise funds through clothes collection drives.

Collection 4 Clothes was established in 2017. Within four years of mere time, they have helped so many local, national and international charities raise the necessary funds from the clothes that are of no use to people. Collection 4 Clothes is a perfect platform to donate your old clothes. They encourage people to become a part of their social cause and donate whatever they can. They make sure that your loved items become someone else’s loved items in no time.

A spokesperson from Collection 4 Clothes said, “Our company raises funds for various charities to serve the needs of the poor and homeless people. You can call or email us, and we will arrange a collection for you in no time. Do your part in protecting the environment and helping the needy by donating the clothes which are taking your wardrobe space unnecessarily.”

It’s quite challenging; to sum up what ‘Collection 4 Clothes’ is in just a few words. Whatever they collect is sent to Eastern Europe, Africa and Asia and sold at local prices. For the things that cannot be sold, they recycle them. They are proud of all they are doing for the environment, charities and society in general by recycling your waste items into more lovable items.

Contact Us:
Address: Fort Dunlop Building, Fort Parkwa
Birmingham, West Midlands
B24 9DF, United Kingdom
Phone: 08007747195

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